Build your own website with 3 easy steps..

In this Google Age, everyone need a web presence. Whether you a businessman, internet researcher, employee, student, small home business man/woman, you need a website o promote you/your business. But when we think of having a website, various questions come to our mind ie Hosting, Domain, Programming, design etc etc..

Today, we are going to make your website with 3 easy steps. So, let’s start..

1. Choosing Domain Name

The very first thing, to have a name for your business, blog. You have various options for domain name. You can find several domain name providers over google. Your domain name can be a combination of 2-4 keywords, related to your business. Like, etc

So, once a domain name is selected, we are ready to move forward for second step.

2. Choosing Web Host

So, now we have the domain name. We need web hosting to upload our website. It is just like having a hard disk space shared all over the internet. There are many web hosting providers. But be careful in selecting a web hosting. as they offer different different services with different different packages.

I have tried various web hosting providers for last 3+ years and found Hostgator , the best one.

3. Let’s finish..

Now, we have the domain name, we have web hosting. Just login to your web hosting account. Just login to your hosting contol panel. Navigate to fantastico tool. On the left sidebar, you will see install wordpress. Click on it. and you are done.


Get us the domain name and cpanel information and leave everything else for us. We will do it for you FREE of cost if you signup through the banner image in the post.

If you have any question, do write us..

Hope you enjoyed the post

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