Updated WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, WordPress.com. Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in less than and hour. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy! All of you have been asking me to update my step-by-step tutorial on how to use WordPress.com as a blogging platform — please check it out and please let me know what I have missed.


  • I cannot get my sidebar to show on my blog, whis is this happening to me. I followed this tutorial verbatim! Anyone?

  • Great post helped a lot.

    On your connection problems… Change your DNS server I prefer Google’s (I have Time Warner and they suffer from constant DNS outages).

  • Great post helped a lot.

    On your connection problems… Change your DNS server I prefer Google’s (I have Time Warner and they suffer from constant DNS outages).

  • I want to thank you Chris for making this video because some of us Internet marketing professionals don’t want to spend money on something we can learn to do ourselves! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

  • I’m having difficulty with widgets. I want to add a twitter and paypal/credit card widget, but am having trouble finding/downloading/unzipping and finally adding them to my wordpress blog. Any suggestions? Thanks! Love the tutorial.

  • I’m having trouble with widgets. I want a twitter widget and need a paypal/credit card payment widget and am having trouble finding/downloading/unzipping and finally don’t know how to add them to my blog. Any suggestions? Thanks, your tutorial is great!

  • I don’t understand why people have to comment on how much they disliked the video. Do you guys have nothing better to do than typing bullshit in people’s videos? -_- Ignorants…

  • Goodness…… Have not watched all the video yet, I keep going back over the first few secs… well, around 36 seconds into the videos where you state that you “Bloooooougge” Cracked me up, still got the giggles. Trying to control myself and actually go learn something. I’m a website making virgin…

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial. You are helping a lot of people with just this one video. Can’t wait to subscribe to your channel and learn more SEO stuff from you.

  • Awesome tutorial, man. Plus u sound like Bullwinkel from The Rocky and Bullwinkel show. Hehehe…very nice. Keep it up and coming

  • @chrisabraham It is a Excellent video.
    In this , materialistic world no body gives anything free of cost, even saints have their agenda. Thanks for delivering it Free of cost!!

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  • This could have been done a lot faster with screen captures (like captivate)rather than the full video. Please edit, remove the lags, delays. Life is short, keep it tight.

  • Is it possible to add chatbox to the blog?
    like xat chat
    i try but ….. how to put in my blog?
    sorry for my english

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