I have an idea I want to make a website. Can anyone refer me to a good web design and development company?

I have an idea for a social network and need a dependable company to program it. Any suggestions?

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  • Hello, wikito12

    Take a look at http://www.SkaDate.com

    This is online community software that can be used both for creating a dating site and a social network. It features photo and video sharing, blogs, forum, groups, albums, events system and lots more. As the software is installed to your server, you will get an up and running site requiring just a few adjustments via the Admin Panel (such as choosing a template, setting up memberships, writing textual content).

    Along with the software package you will get free templates that can be found at http://www.SkaDate.com/site_samples.php

    Here http://www.SkaDate.com/testimonials.php you can find live websites powered by SkaDate software.

    This is a perfect turn-key solution for those willing to build a professional community site.

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