Website Development/Design job….? How/what to know?

I am wanting to move into a Web Design/Development Career…I currently do technical/Data Analyst work…I have a Bach. Science in Computer Information Systems and have a lot of experience with HTML. I have been making websites for around 10 years now, I had a personal website for a long time and now I am currently working with my Homeowners Assocation to create a website for them. I am also in talks to work with a Boy scout troop to create a site for them, also free of charge…I am thinking if I get these up and running really good, I can use them when I interview/on my resume. I have experience with Java, although I’m not the best, I am teaching myself PHP and I am very very organized. I use flow-charts and am good with ghannt charts as well. What else is required to get into this field? If you are in this field what is it like? I am very passionate about webdesign and creating websites…I took about a year off and now since I’m getting back into it I realize how much I love it….
basically I am wanting to know what other skills/things I need to know/have on my resume, how I go about locating a job like this….if you are in this field what its like etc…….

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