• WordPress is certainly not an easy way to make money, if you don’t like to get work done yourself. To actually make a business out of it or make actual large sums of money it takes a great deal of marketing and a lot of hours a day are needed to grow your website or blog. Check out the wordpress videos on my channel like Build a Niche Website and WordPress: A Designer’s First Step to learn more if you want to. Please leave comments and feedback if your questions were answered.

  • Can Shifting From Blogger To WordPress Can Effect Your Search Engine Traffic Or Ranking. Please Make A Video On This Explaining And What Precaution One Should Take Doing This. so It May Not Effect Search Ranking

    or just give some advise thanks

  • lisa can you tell me what will be the effect on my blog if i export it from blogger to wordpress

    does seo plugin modify data from blogger or is it the same

  • You make the best website tutorials ever. Btw, Nice website you have. I highly agree with your opinion/recommendation about having the blog on own domain.

  • Hi Lisa, thank you very much for all you do to help us new bloggers out. I was wondering, what were the two wordpress plug-ins that you said you use, I heard you say it once but I forgot. Thanks in advance.

  • Wow…after buying a domain on website palace, it has alot of links going back to ur 2createawebsite. com

    You must be really good partners with them lol.

  • Hey lisa…i made a wordpress blog but i accidently made it like this… Yourdomain (dot)com/wordpress

    Is what u gotta type to get to the blog…i want it to just use my domain name, can i fix this?

  • Exactly what business owners need and very useful. WordPress is where it’s at along with hosting and you stress that! Thanks

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