Classic Game Room – SEGA GENESIS MODEL 2 game console review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the Sega Genesis Model 2 video game system console. The Sega Genesis Model 2 is the smaller Genesis that was released in 1994. The Sega Genesis was first launched in the united states in 1989 with the model 1, the model 2 is much smaller, was less expensive and had a few things removed like the headphone volume control. The Genesis is known as the Mega Drive (or Megadrive) in Europe and looks more or less the same. All Mega Drive (Megadrive) games play on the model 1 and model 2, depending on if yours is US, Japanese, European, etc… There is even a Model 3 MD which is the smallest of the bunch. This video reviews the build quality and features of the Model 2 vs. the Model 1. There are hundreds of amazing 16-bit games for the Genesis like Sonic the Hedgehog, Revenge of Shinobi, Jungle Strike and X-Men. Your Model 1 controllers will work with Model 2, they have the same connectors. Check it out, see if buying a Model 2 Sega Genesis is right for you, or if you should pick up a used Model 1. SEGA!

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