Safari 5 Vs Windows Explorer 9 (HTML5 Graphics Speed Test)

This isn’t a bash video. I don’t care which browser is the fastest but the claims that Apple comes out with is so damn ridiculous. Claiming Safari to be the fastest browser in the world is going overboard, it’s really the slowest browser i have used, Safari doesn’t use flash so it should be a lot more faster but in my case it was suckky!! slow at loading multiple pages. Many Apple fans will say: ” Well it least it has better security” Well i don’t think so!! Safari 5 was hacked in less than 5 seconds: Test your Web browser: Website tested in the video: Music: John B – Key West Nieve & Cook – Priceless Few Intro made on: C4D Screen capture: Fraps Editing software: Sony Vegas 10

How To Configure Joomla’s FTP File System Layer

How To Configure And Enable Joomla’s FTP File System Layer read more………….. ***ONLY do this if you have errors after you have installed Joomla. These errors will likely first arise when you try to install a new extension, such as a new template. In fact, that is an excellent way to pro-actively test if you need to enable the FTP file system layer. Go to one of the Joomla theme clubs that offer some free templates, like,,,, etc, and try installing a free template. I show you how to install a new template at 5:15 in this tutorial: If the install fails with errors, then, and only then, will you need to enable the FTP file system layer. Note that in this tutorial I make an new ftp account for my joomla instance to interface with, but I realize that some hosts (usually the free ones) don’t let you make new ftp accounts as they ONLY let you use the ONE ftp account that they give you. If this is the case, simply use THAT ftp account then. Also, make sure you adjust the “ftp root” setting appropriately. What it needs to know is “Where is the Joomla instance (the folder where joomla’s index.php file is, ie public_html) relative to the root of the ftp account. The root of most default ftp accounts is the parent of the public_html folder, so you will probably have to adjust by using the value “/public_html/” as the ftp root parameter. If in doubt, try “/” first. If joomla throws an error when you apply, try