• just bought it today !! GMHTML5 awesome and deserve the price, it’s still cheap for what give to the developer in my opinion!!

  • What’s up with everyone that says they’re going to wait?
    They will double the price soon (It’ll cost $199) and I HIGHLY doubt YoYoGames is going to lower the price from $199 later on, they might even increase it further like they did with the standard edition.

  • I bought it! It’s great! My only complaint with it is the presentation. The whole gray/orange coloring looks really weird.

  • The price will now just keep going up and up and up higher, now that YoYo Games is clearly trying to get rid of their casual hobbyist audience that Game Maker once specialized in, so they can make more money off of pros who would probably prefer another more powerful programming environment anyways. Brilliant! Instead of fixing severe graphics bugs in GM 8.1, we get this.

    I’m sad to see this happen to Game Maker. Once I finish MyKaryotes 1, the sequel is definitely moving to LÖVE or PyGame.

  • @WarriorIng64 This specific version is meant for the people who are becoming serious about using GameMaker to make money. The casuals still have Lite (which is pretty powerful and is the one I use for quite serious projects), and Standard ($40 isn’t bad)

  • @guywithacam Actually, they probably will decrease it when GameMaker Studio and GameMaker 9.0 come out, since GMS will have all of GMH5’s features…

  • @fenyxofshadows You could use Lite/Standard to make money, as well. At $99 (soon to be $199, then later probably even more), if you’re using GM HTML5 then you had better be making money off of whatever you create!

    I imagine professionals who want to release their games for HTML5 would probably already know how to code it all in a more traditional way (writing HTML in an established IDE or text editor), anyways…and for free, aside from webhosting costs and whatnot.

  • @fenyxofshadows And I predict (several of my predictions about Game Maker’s direction have come true already) that since GM HTML5 can do everything that Lite and Standard can do and yet net YoYo more money from its higher price tag, that the latter two may not be enjoying the same level of support, or even any support for much longer. Notice how updates for Standard have practically stopped after GM HTML5 came out.

  • @WarriorIng64 Not always… which is why stuff like Dreamweaver exist for web development while one could take all the time necessary to learn HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, and a whole lot of other things. It’s the easier option.

  • @WarriorIng64 Actually, with Standard, sales have gone up, not just profits. Maybe it’s not the price (as $40 is about, what, 2 movie theater visits. I compare my prices by how enjoyable movies are in comparison.) but the fact that they added a patching engine that gets mostly-regular updates and have mitigated piracy.

    They have already confirmed continuing support for GM8.1 Lite and Standard, until GM9 comes out. GMHTML5 is in *beta* right now, so their programmers are kinda busy with that.

  • @fenyxofshadows Sales of Standard may have gone up when people saw how expensive GM HTML5 was and decided they didn’t want to wait to pay for that version. That’s my theory, anyway.

    Game Maker Standard (formerly Pro)’s price has been steadily increasing over the past few releases, and I hope that they’re not going to use GM HTML5’s high price to start gouging on Standard ($50-$80 is still cheaper than $100-$200, for example).

  • @fenyxofshadows Well then, all I can say is that I just hope YoYo knows what it’s doing. Game Maker 6 first sparked my interest in computer programming, mostly because it was so easy to use for complete novices like myself and yet advanced enough to keep my attention as I became more skilled. I have had a lot of respect for GM even before YoYo entered the picture.

    But now I need a FOSS cross-platform solution with good performance for MyKaryotes, which is the other reason for my eventual move.

  • @WarriorIng64 And what Studio is going to be for when it releases… but expect it to be rather expensive as their most powerful tool… 🙂

  • @fenyxofshadows I know. I don’t have the money for it, and neither do a lot of others. But it’s also just ill-suited to MyKaryotes itself. In case you haven’t looked at it yet, I plan on this thing being natively compatible with Linux as well as Win/Mac, and open-source under the GPL (neither of which Game Maker really supports). Plus, it is computationally-heavy and needs the performance of an actual executable, so HTML5 won’t work out from a technical standpoint either.

  • @fenyxofshadows Well, what can I say? Game Maker was great for getting my project this far…too bad it eventually seemed to outgrow it. 🙂

    I’ll gladly still use Standard for other stuff, though.

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