AMD “Zacate” APU Will Accelerate HTML5 Games in Internet Explorer 9

AMD Space Command is a fun game that shows the graphics acceleration of Direct2D technology in the IE9 (preview) browser. Shoot as many space attackers possible, and use the “GPU capacitor” to adjust the intensity of the game. AMD Space Command is built in HTML5, leveraging the GPU in your PC to improve graphics. You can see this first hand by keeping track of the Frames Per Second (FPS) as you adjust your GPU capacitor!


  • AMD on their demonstrations show how much closer are to Intel processors by comparison to their competitors, Intel only compares their models of procesors because Intel really has not a competitors.

  • amd are at the point where when they bring somethign amazing out that seems to blow intel etc out of the water, its only a few months later that the intel etc companies come out with their already developed far more sophistcated hardware that runs rings aroudn amd. just sad that its takes amd 10 years just to get to this point . maybe an extra 20 years and they will have indeed beat the competion

  • @penihop a product that works better and works, a consumer should always be happy to pay that bit extra.

    ive had amd and intel, and i wont go back to amd

  • @Mathewmartialart so because AMD aims for the cheap market and does not release overpriced crap, it automatically makes intel’s products better.


  • @penihop overpriced crap? come on dude, intel chips are renowed for being higher quality and better performance and if your so bugged about the price wait a few months untill the price comes down like a normal consumer. but just becuase its rice is over somethign like amd which as stated comes out with a product thats already going to be outperformed, doesnt mean its a better product.

  • @Mathewmartialart but after the price of intel products goes down by ~4-6% the price of AMD processors will already will go down with ~5-10%, see? that means overpriced.

    if amd did not come, intel will be selling dual cores for $700 and i5 for $2000.

    intel products were, are , and will be overpriced 😀

  • @penihop the way i see it, never buya product as soon as it comes out like the mugs that buy bloody iphone4/ipad etc becuase in 6 months or a little more the price will come down. and paying that little extra for a product which is higher in quality is worth the money. yes of course you can fork out for a cheaper option which in the end doesnt give as good of performance for the money but thats the choise of the cosnumer.

  • @Mathewmartialart nop,

    oh now we are reviewing the quality? stop talking about quality, its all coming from CHINA.

    whatever u say intel’s CPU price per performance is still higher than AMD 😉 , that in no way makes them better than AMD, nor it makes AMD better.

    their overpriced products have a clear message: “we don’t give a damn about our customers, lets make more money coz we are greedy”

    enjoy replying 😀

  • @penihop lets face it, what ever i say you WILL argue with what ever i say. and with the comment about it coming from china, erm so does over 80% of the stuff we buy from clothes, shoes and applicances so that fact you are tryignt o shove in my direction fell flat didnt it. and also how does it matter that intel are made in intel since amd are done in Taiwan

  • @Mathewmartialart how can i not love you? 🙂

    lets face it, saying intel has the best or better CPU’s than AMD are clearly idiots. AMD doesnt have the BEST CPU’s either, however they are better in terms of POWER CONSUMPTION and PRICE PER PERFORMANCE. intel platforms/chipsets suck more power, but ofc it depends on various other things such as motherboard.

    compare the processors in the past 2 years.

  • @penihop well if you havent noticed, intel do do cpu’s specifically to optain the optimal energy saving per price aswell, but they also do perfomance for people that want power. and its totally up to the consumer which they want. personally amd suck ballz when it comes to editing and photoshop etc, yet intel do a massively better job. you can not base amd’s lower consumption vs intels high performance anyway since thats an unfair comparasent, it should be power saving of both intel and amd

  • @Mathewmartialart they drain more energy, so they have more performance. pure logic. but its hard for them to make something that uses less power.
    could you point me to 10 CPU’s from intel and AMD build in the last 2 years having the same price? if you can, compare their performance and power consumption

    Photoshop – you are wrong again, not amd sucked balls. photoshop optimized their software more for intel based cpu’s, see thats a game of monopoly intel people have been playing for some time.

  • @penihop so infact the only thing your basing this on in reality is the price between amd and intel and NOT the fact intel & amd DO cpu’s that save energy.. adobe base their product around another product which is better for perfomance. now they are not going to base it on energy saving and better price per pound becuase they know their user needs their jobs done quickly. amd chips how ever STILL can be used on adobe products but its well known that amd chips are not great for editing but games

  • @Mathewmartialart You have no idea how ‘smart’ you are.

    “they know their user needs their jobs done quickly.” – if so they have to use more of the AMD instructions, instead they are optimized more for intel (using more intel instructions). i hate repeating myself but here we go – the facts i just told you == intel’s monopoly.

    get a decent programmer to check the facts above for you, you look too smart to do it yourself.

    if you do not know what processor instruction is google it, smart guy.

  • @penihop oh and something else, if its too hard to google and read what processor instructions are….
    i have some real fast info for you=> the core of the processor and its performance, without them the processor does not run, using more the processor does calculations faster.

    i hope i was clear enough for smart people like you.

  • @penihop forgot to mention PEACE and LOVE.

    i can see the guy’s from AMD smiling at your bizarre comments 🙂

    can i ask how do u feel now? if you feel depressed or extremely ‘smart’ it isn’t my fault.

  • I was under the impression Direct2D was scrapped and 2D calls are now in Direct3D? Most of the other stuff in the DirectX package is scrapped.
    Hope they integrate Xinput in DirectInput though, it is crappy as it is.

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