HTML5, Websockets & the Mobile Web Zurich GTUG 28th Sept.

From: Mobile Web application frameworks are slowly but steadily gaining attention as a valid, cross-platform, mobile development paradigm. No doubts that this evolution is largely fuelled by the developments of HTML5. In this talk we will look at a less explored combination of mobile Web applications and HTML5 with WebSockets: A standard way of delivering asynchronous events to mobile Web apps. In particular we will discuss: The basics of WebSockets The current pitfalls (eg, lack of support in some browsers/app servers) A great jQuery and Java library (Atmosphere) that makes a developer’s life easy Use-cases and patterns where it makes sense to combine mobile Web apps and WebSockets … and will demonstrate a concrete use-case that we implemented at the Auto-ID Labs (MIT) to be able to pipe reads from industrial RFID readers directly to mobile browsers. Dominique Guinard CTO at

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