WordPress Template Programming – Part 1

www.pixelforlife.com This is the beginning of a WordPress template programming series. What sets this apart from other tutorials, is that you get to see it from Start to Finish. What this means, is that you get to see me makes mistakes and what I do to fix them. This should be a great learning experience, so press play and enjoy the ride.


  • So glad I subscribed, WordPress is the main development platform for pretty much all sites I create now. I enjoy watching other designers go through their process! =)

    Can’t wait for the rest of the series. (b-_-)b

  • hello what’s steven can you please upload your upcoming videos on better quality please but only if you can

  • Take a look at this plugin very easy to use and might get you into the direction you need for that awesome page-rotator idea (if you haven’t already worked a way out yet).

    I did not create this plugin, just think it rocks. I’m using it right now as a thumbnail rotator for my featured/recent videos. So glad flash isn’t needed for this type of thing anymore, Jquery ftw 😉

    plugin > professorcloud(.)com/mainsite/carousel(.)htm

  • Hi,

    I’m having trouble editing the .php file for WordPress (I’m trying to create a theme). I’ve tried both Coda and Dreamweaver CS4 to do this but the files are all locked and displays the files as “read-only.”

    I’m guessing it’s a problem with my MAMP. I believe I granted all access to myself as it is indicated in the “Priveleges”

    Any tips? I’ve been running in circles searching for this on the web. =/

    Best regards!

  • Can you do a tutorial on designing the wordpress theme from scratch in photoshop just the basic please thank you

  • @ejwmsphotography Is there anything specific that you would like to see design?
    We do have a wordpress designing tutorial, you can view it here:

  • Interesting Video on WordPress Templates. Why would you choose to build your own template when there are so many great packages out now?

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