HTML 5 speed test: Internet Explorer 9 vs. Chrome 6

The IE9 ‘test drive’ HTML5 examples are fantastic — and using unbiased code too! What you see here is IE9’s hardware (GPU) acceleration blowing Chrome 6 out of the water. The reason it looks ‘choppy’ is because, seemingly, my screen capture tool is only running at 15 FPS or so. It says it’s running at 30 FPS, but who knows… More at:


  • @Greekpride1231 IE9 has the worst interface ever. I’ve done speed comparisons myself and even if in theory ie is supposed to be faster, GOOGLE CHROME IS STILL FASTER IN REALITY.

  • @kevintje2 LMAO 3 minutes to load up a website??? That proves you that you have a crap internet connection or you have a lame computer or you are just lying. Because It only takes 1-3 seconds to load up a website on IE 9. You #FAIL #LOL

  • I gotta say, Internet Explorer have come a long way & now has become one of the best browsers in the world right now. For downloading Firefox.

  • Chrome was the browser for people who don’t know how the web works and think that faster is better. With Internet Explorer 9 Chrome is a bit outdated I think.

    I’m a big fan of Firepl0x because it’s so advanced.

  • you epic fail, different computers are optimized to load different webbrowsers differently. IE uses MS OS’s better, and so on. with Safari and MAC.

    But who cares really, if you like your browser use it. For all sake.

  • Guuys guuys guuuuys..Firefox 4 and nothing else…even if u get the same FPS at the same fishes number still the Firefox looks smoother..ill upload a video explaining everything in a noobs-Friendly way if i get 5 msgs askin for it =)

  • I like how you used Internet Explorer’s personal Fish Demo Application downloaded off of Microsoft’s website and still called it a “fair test”

  • they created ie to be optimized for html 5 but those fish are made by microsoft themselves just to make them looks better but the theory is no its not chrome ftw. it can never be better.,

  • IE9 is not slow.
    It’s only slow when you’ve too many add-ons.
    IE9 takes 2 seconds to open up and go to my homepage, but chrome takes 4.

  • @AllanWeisser “more faster (read magazines and search the diference of perfomance in other sites).”

  • @rooopppi These tests are open source, meaning that they have to be fair or else Mozilla and Google would call them out on it.

  • LOL I tried it by myself and even now Google Chrome version 12 & 13 can’t beat IE9 GPU acceleration performance. TAKE THAT FANBOYS.. there’s something wrong inside YOUR BRAIN!

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