• Now they got the WP frame rate up to 27, they will probably make it better by the time its launched.

  • @haloavenger SGS 2 is not even released at the that point of time right? Indeed SGS 2 is much faster than other Android phones. And I’m waiting for it too.

  • @thre3aces chrome does not have hardware acceleration, firefox actually has hardware acceleration on Windows Vista/7

  • Just another in your face, iOS5 beta 2 is now doing 40 FPS, that’s an extra 10 FPS in just a matter of a few weeks. Apple is once again proving it’s not the hardware it’s how you use it.

    And what you’ll see here at exactly 1.03 is a flawed browsing experience, after 6 years of research starting with Deep Fish. My iPhone not only automatically zoomed to fit it also automatically scrolled to view as much live data in the screen.

  • meego ftw nokia n9 does the same if not better nokia n9 has a 271 score on the html5 test thats better then every mobile browser out there n some pcs

  • @KolarikJirik
    No, your reply is crap. Windows Phone is actually the most awesome mobile OS out there. The haters just have their heads in the sand, because for the first time, there’s a mobile OS by Microsoft that’s actually better than the Android or iPhone. It’s sad that people like you have yo resort to trolling just because they can’t deal with the facts.

  • @joefromnl Yeah, and I think the Mango beta 2 goes up to something like 54 FPS. What, did you think that they’d let iOS catch up? You sir, fail. 🙂
    Oh, and “f*** the iPhone” would make more sense. 😉

  • Windows mobile sux.. and the android would win if they used a better phone than nexus s (HTC Desire HD for example)

  • @NGUpremier Look at the date this was posted. All these platforms have had multiple updates since April.

    Even so, html5 performance is still so far behind desktop performance, and especially native app performance that’s this benchmarking is pretty irrelevant. If you’re interested in performance, you don’t run a script, in a web browser, on a mobile phone.

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