SEO – Local SEO Services – Your Local Search Engine Optimization Experts Our local SEO experts are often asked to help local businesses be ranked well on Google Places. This is not surprising with over 75 % of Google searches are looking for local businesses. The 54 thousand dollar question is “Are they finding YOUR business?” The internet is great and is not only for large businesses, but small ones as well. It makes it far easier for small companies to compete with the large companies. This is particularly the case with local businesses. It bring potential clients to you. The local search listing on Google is increasingly being used by local people to find the products and services that they require. So how do I get my web site listed on Google Places? There are a number of steps, there is more information on our web site or other videos on our Youtube channel. Our Local Search Engine Optimisation Experts will also do a free no obligation website analysis that includes an analysis for Google Places. So contact them at

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