• “one more thing”?? Done in poor taste. Welcome to what iOS has been doing since 2007 RIM! I’m sorry, this can’t stand up to other mobile OS, and in particular Apple’s iOS. For most people I know with Blackberries, the outage has pushed them to not go with BB again. With Android pushing relentlessly to pick up the smartphone market in Apple’s shadow, this just won’t work. At the end of the day, Apple’s quality, user-friendliness and integrated innovation will keep them atop.

  • I’d take my Bold 9700 over Android based phones or iPhone any day. One simple reason, they email service is excellent. I am able to get all my emails (work, school, and 2 private) on my 9700 and the synchronization is best I have ever seen. People I know from school are not able to get their school email on their HTCs or iPhones…no idea why. They have to access it via the web browser. So whatever RIM is doing, I hope they don’t fuck up their email service! I don’t care about games…

  • @clays121 I kinda agree! they’ve been showing these great looking apps for a year but Ive yet to see this on my blackberry however Gameloft recently brought out some high-end games for the playbook so there is hope

  • Hey mouth breathers…. This is not a product release this is a developer conference.

    BBX OS looks freakin awesome. To the nay sayers lets get one thing straight. RIM has over 70 Million users worldwide. FBI, CIA House of Reps, most office workers, teenagers, adults, men, women and children all love Blackberry’s and the apple pushers can all try and try but you wont convert us. RIM makes a solid device. One that is robust and secure.. Not to mention useful and reliable. I LOVE BLACKBERRY

  • @TheDroidSector101 They aren’t announcing a product, what you’re watching is a Developer conference.
    This isn’t really supposed to reach out to new customers, just those that are already involved.

  • @MrMrhull “RIM makes a solid device. One that is robust and secure.. Not to mention useful and reliable.”

    Apple products are also robust, useful, and reliable.

    P.S. Nobody is trying to convert you, whatever that means.

  • This is why Apple always remains on top of everyone else. It was only last year when everyone was laughing at them for saying “We believe HTML5 is the future, and there’s no room for flash.”. However, those very same people are now incorporating HTML5 out the wazoo!!!!

  • George Staikos: It runs HTML5 and CSS3 with a new JS HAL engine who parses scripts…
    OLd-FaT-FucK: yo yo yo, whatever jo cares?, can i watch pornz on it? u know; cuz im a pervert gray-haired CeO biach lol

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