• Excellent. I love your videos! Why do you use ‘isset($_FILES[‘file’])’ to check if it’s there instead of just saying:

    if ($_FILES[‘file’]) {
    // code

    ? Thanks XD

  • Thanks for the great tutorial, you solved my issues with storing multiple files.

    Would also like to inform you that Opera does not at all require you to set min or max, in fact Opera supports HTML5 form-elements more extensively than any other browser right now from what I can tell. Opera is the only browser that manages to provide my html5-forms (for a bachelor-degree project) with full functionality right now.

  • Hey people can some one show me how to add a bit of error detection on this ,so that if no file is selected it shows an error message thanks……

  • @betterphp thanks for the quick response, i had tried that earlier but for some reason its not echoing the error ,may be because ‘myfiles[]’ is an array am not sure….because the same error detection works fine on a single file upload script….

  • @JayJaylus yeah possibly, with no files at all it should still be not set though… you could also try count($_FILES[‘myfiles’][‘name’]) === 0 which may work.

  • First of all I want to say that I really really like your video.
    But in my case it only works with 7 files (I am using images).
    Maybe it is because I am using Firefox or is there another reason why it would not work although I had 1000 set as the maximum of files ?

  • Hey I was wondering, I downloaded gedit, and after I downloaded it I can’t see
    any exe file..

    How can I open the gedit? XD
    I searched all of the folders still no gedit execution file @_@

  • @VigilianceAurelious what OS are you running ? It should be in your start menu on windows or applications -> accessories -> text editor on linux

  • Thank you very much just what I needed, plain simple and easy to add in extras. No flash required too, even more better.

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