WebPlus X4 – Basic E-Commerce / On-line Shop /Ecommerce

In this turorial I show you how to create a basic e-commerce / on-line shop/ ecommerce. Because of the YouTube time limit I did have to rush through this video a bit, and have done this in a higher resolution than the other videos, so I didn’t spend too much time moving things out of the way etc. You should however get the prinicples in the video….if not….leave a comment and i’ll try my best to help you out. *** There is one error, the default quantity relates to the quantity of the product that will be added to the shopping basket when you click “Add to Cart” so you should leave it at 1. *** If you would like to see a tutorial of anything from MS Word, MS Excel, MS Acces, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, Serif WebPlus X2/X4, Serif MoviePlus X3 post it in the comments.


  • Astonishingly useful – made a huge difference to my understanding of WPX4. Thank you so much!

  • Hi, this is great!!! Can you do a video about ebooks please? as these don’t need postage, so do you do an email or something like that? or download page, after payment?


    Can you set up newsletters with confirmation emails? as this is a professional looks compared to no confirmation which some sites are lacking

  • hi, it’s possible ,that if i would click on ADD TO CART,that it will display no paypal site, because when i click on VIEW CART this works for to see the basket too, i would like that if i click on ADD TO CART, the item will go there without displaying paypal site,just automaticly add to basket.thanks

  • @Kooora71 check out the PayPal mini-cart widget.

    paypal – portal . com / paypal – labs / ? p = 9
    See installation details here as well
    foxhillers . com / ppminicart2 /
    remove the extra spaces in the addresses

  • i would like to sell hair and i need to do for example:
    Length/Price: drop down box with infos
    (12inch £ 34,14inch £40,16inch £44, etc.)
    and if i would click on some of this,that will send it to my paypal cart.
    Please can you help me how to do it right? thanks

  • thanks for the great tutorial.. i’m nervous about starting the shopping pages on my site lol .. as i’ve got quite a few pictures to sell as canvases and prints plus i give options with different framing so you can imagine the complexety . . thanks anyway i’ll put it to good use. !

  • @nicenoughphil If you have a multitude of options then you may be better of with something like PrestaShop 3w’s(dot)prestashop(dot)com, also check out my new webplus site 3w’s(dot)iplus360(dot)com where I have bolted on a PrestaShop store.

  • @LivingWandsworth could i continue to build my site with webplus x4 even though i have multitude of options as i don’t want to start again from scratch . . .?

  • @nicenoughphil I’d recommend that you map it out first before you decide to do anything, look at th emost complex issues that you will have see if you can resolve them and then decde what you want to do.

  • @LivingWandsworth hi there!

    can u do a tutorial to show the mini cart being installed?

    I and others r having a lot of problems doing it!


  • Is there a way to put a bar where you can pick colours? as for example, you selling a shirt and you put different sizes, is there a way we can adapt a bar, click it, pick size, then hit add to cart?

  • Hi, Could I use non Pay Pal account? I have my own murchant account that I would like to work with. Is it possible?
    Thank you

  • @tonytsing You can use Mals and Roman cart, you may be able to use other merchant if they allow Buy It Now/Add to cart buttons. But if they relie on API intefaces then you are unlikely to be able tuse them.

  • Thanks for the great video! I want to know how I can setup an e-commerce page for downloadable products. I am a musician and want to be able to allow my fans to buy my songs/album. I’d like for them to pay for the songs or full album first via Paypal and I know how to create that, but am wondering how I can allow them to get access to donwload the songs/abum afterwards. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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