• So many complete noobs here that don’t take the time to LEARN BASIC HTML AND CSS, this stuff is EASY and it will save you tons of time to just LEARN THE CODE. Watching tutorials like this is useless when someone else does it for you…

  • Hey Great Vid Thumbs UP!
    Anyways, I have recently gotten into logo making, and im pretty good if i do say so myself 😀 I have decided to share my skills with the youtube community 🙂 Check out my channel, and my first video. Please leave feedback on what i should improve on. Thanks 😛
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  • Hi, I’m VERY new to making a website, and working with Joomla… thanks to your videos i was able to finally figure joomla out… i’m stuck, though, after you clicked the rhuk_milkyway template… you suddenly were into a file folder tree with rhuk_milkyway, etc… can you tell me where this is? I was doing fine up til this point.

    thanks so much for the videos!

  • The part of the video I do not get is the very begining. How the crap did you get to the area where all the images are. Because when I click on my template it takes me to the garbage you have to edit not all the files. 😉 ZOOM THE FUCK OUT!

  • You made that seem too easy. But it’s not so easy for me (at least I feel so). My template comes from siteground and the logo/name part of the front page is titled “header_image.jpg” within the zip file. I needed it to be altered, so i edited the photo in photoshop and now I’d like to use this new jpg (still under the title “header_image.jpg”) on my front page but I can’t. At 0:25 i’m not sure how you get your menu to change like that. Any help will be much appreciated. thanks.

  • @CqWeAkYcAmZ :
    the guy has the program open that he mentions at 1.14. (Core FTP or smth); those are the instalation Joomla files. At 1.20 he drags from his computer into the ftp files, that’s why his logo changes.

  • Alex, this is a very informative video, it has helped me tremendously. I couldn’t figure out how to work on the sizing. Thanks!

  • Hey i have a quick question for you – at around 5mins 20 sec in your video, right after you upload your new orange coloured logo image, your joomla’s top menu graphics (user 3 possision if im not mistaken) seem to dissappear? How come? I have now successfully changed the Logo image on a default joomla template but my top menu graphics are still in place.

  • I tried to go to your website, but what I got was “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!” from google search. Did you have the new site?

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