• Loved it! Your videos are very professional. I hope you continue making videos for magetno. My first impression from this video was you really know your stuff.
    Thanks for the video knowledge.

  • how can it have 2 stars? It is something special, since Magento has a kinda difficult theme / layout system. imo at least.

    It’s definitely worth watching!

  • really like this a lot; do you have more? Don’t mind paying for your videos at all. Looking for videos to teach me from beginning —since I know nothing about magento…also, what editor do you use? is that windows explore that you’re using in your videos? My Explore doesn’t look like that at all.

    Thanks again…hope you’ll have more videos…

    Merry Christmas & God bless

  • This is the worst tutorial I have seen. I mean why the heck do we need to have redundant default locations? I’ve been developing web sites for over 15 years and have never seen such a need for double locations for a basic theme. Hands down, tutorial was too fast and the text was too small, not to mention the rating stars interfere with the folders you are showing us. 1 star.

  • She Is using Edit PLUS 3, i hate it i would rather use kommodo editor with magento as it will expose its core, It has intelicence beyond your imagination , perhaps i would call it artificial intelegence with kommodo editor.

  • thanks for the tutorial!
    i can understand you even though i have zero experience in ecommerce software and web design. i think you are very clear. 🙂
    the words are a little too small but on full screen its readable.

  • Hey, really thanks for your sharing…. and save my time… 🙂 u very fast, but easy to understand… thanks again

  • This is GREAT! You are fast and actually I rather that.. !! People: you can stop, rewind, pause videos!! Did you know that? People these days… Effectivately, its not easy to move around magento and it’s a pretty good start for beginners. Please, more videos and keep it fast to get as much info in the video as time allows you..

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