• Thank you, this is extremely helpful. The other videos on the knowledgebase were very helpful, too, of course, but a little out of date.

    I have to say that the symbolic link step just doesn’t seem very obvious to me. Is it not a common step? It doesn’t look like it was needed in previous incarnations.

  • Dear SimpleHelix,
    Thank you very much for uploading this content!
    I tried this approach(using subdomains) and it works like a charm 🙂

    To michfreak:
    I think this is the cleanest way to do it, and will avoid any redundant data on your server at all(since the symlinks will make sure, that the subdomains can get to the data it needs). It is not difficult at all, you just need to have SSH access from your provider.

  • Is there another way around the ssh with symbolic links as my host won’t give me SSH and the symbolic links part ?

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