• Great video and information. The problem is I get dizzy watching your videos. You are moving the screen way to much. Stay steady and the videos would be really great..

  • @militarycollectibles Thanks. I posted it mainly as a guide for one of my clients but I figured it might be useful for other people using Magento.

    I’m sorry you got dizzy. I have a habit of gesticulating with the mouse. I guess I need to learn to control that 🙂

  • @jonthany
    You just need to add a new attribute in the Magento Attribute manager. I believe you can call it whatever you want. Make it an enumerable type with options of New or Used. Hope that helps.

  • great video, when i try to set up magento for UK i get this message

    Attribute Set * {“error”:true,”message”:”Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page.”}
    Google Base Item Type * {“error”:true,”message”:”Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page.”}

    If i leave it for USA it doesnt seem to have a problem, ive the condition and price attribute set up ok. Any ideas? seems to be nothing on the next showing a solution


  • @modelshopbelfast

    I thin it may have something to do with the product_type that Google requires…
    “You need to create a new attribute called “Product Type” and map it with Google’s “product_type” attribute. For instructions, have a look further in this blog post how we created the Condition attribute. The process is the same. For the list of supported values for the “Product type” attribute, refer to the table here.

    Other than that I have no idea. Sorry. This is for Magento 1.3

  • We use gomage feed pro extension to generate feeds.
    It’s careful design makes it both easy to use and very flexible.
    I recommend the extension to anybody who wants to export their products as feeds – whether it is for Google Base/Merchant, Bing Shopping, Yahoo, etc.

    Hope this helps

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