Applying Vinyl Body Graphics Kits makes custom graphics for all your needs. If you don’t see it then let us know we will create it. Our store consists of flame graphics, truck graphics, tribal graphics, custom stripes and much more. Our new online graphics store offers ease of use with multiple options for colors, size and more. Decals, Flames, Tribal and Custom work. Our online store displays a vast range of vinyl graphic kits available for your vehicle, We also supply custom graphics designed to your specifications. Send us your artwork and we will re create your custom graphic from your design. Apply to any surface of the vehicle, door, side, glass window, windscreen etc. Our high quality vinyl graphics are used indoor and outdoor on all types of vehicles


  • hi i just bought some decals on cutrite fx.. but i ruined the first one… the decal is fairly big being applied in a curvy surface. i tried spraying it with a bit of water and soap, but it doesnt stick.. even swueegeed it… do i have to let them dry for a while?

  • yes you must let it dry, it should take like an hour or two to let the soap and water dry,
    the soap and water is there so the sticker does not instantly stick so it will be difficult to remove air bubbles
    its a long process but worth it for nice looks in the end

  • thanks.. any tips on aplying this on a curvy surface. i can also only split the decal into 2. applying it in eclipse 2008 , end part. somehow im getting a hard time on the end because too much crease is showing because of the curve? should i soak the decal so i can form it into the surface before i squeegee, intead of putting a bit of water like the instructions says? and just let it dry for an hour like you said? any tips will help as this is my third attempt of clean application.

  • im not sure about the curvy surface, but do not soak the sticker, thats a no no…
    what you should do first is clean the surface with whatever, make sure its dry, and that apply the soap and water… make sure its really damp and wet so you can move your sticker and shift it to your desire, and the dry process would take an hour or maybe more, i left it sitting for 3 hours because i want it 100% dry before doing anything to it.

  • Also make sure you do not get the backing of the vinyl wet before you remove the wax paper. Or else the wax paper may not come all off.

  • The kit companies bank on you screwing it up so they can sell you another kit. You might be better off going to a sign shop and letting them install it. You probably wouldn’t spend much more than a second kit would cost. We don’t use water, we use application fluid when we do wet application. Wet application is not necessary though. You don’t see full body wrappers using fluid. Only vinyl cleaning products like Rapid Tac should be used for cleaning and wet app. Don’t push the squeegee.

  • Sandmandave2008: Not true about you about you screwing up the graphic. We would prefer that you get it done right the first time. And when users do screw it up we will just sell them 1 side with free shipping of the graphic to replace the damaged one and not an entire kit.

  • Agreed, wrapping vinyl SHOULDN’T be applied wet full stop. This will be a normal calandered or cast vinyl so best method would be a wet application for a beginnner on something of this size.

    sandmandaves – thats absolute bull. You might as well say any company selling DIY kits wants you to mess it up. Obviously they don’t or there wouldn’t be a youtube vid explaining the best way to go about it.

  • @aldinss Kits go from 29.99 and up. Most of our kits are under 75.00. With exception for the half body wraps.

  • I was so happy when you used the squeegee after cutting around the door handle. A lot of guys don’t do that, and SURPRISE, the graphics peel away after a short while. Nice install.

    Vinyl graphics on a vehicle’s surface behave exactly like paint behaves when rust creeps underneath, only 100 times faster. Every tiny bubble is a seed for destruction.

  • @cutritefx what type of condition that would not work for these type of graphic? coz i live in a very cold place and snowie

  • These videos were a few years ago. I am currently making better ones that explain in more detail and show different ways to install the same decal.

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