Selling Your Music On iTunes Tutorial

This video provides a brief step by step tutorial for selling your music on iTunes. For questions about their services, you may visit this link: The Top Two Online Choices:


  • @ridafett133 That would be consider sampling. Sampling is very common in the hip hop industry. However, most sampling done these days is now done with the permission of the original owner. So yes, you would need to get consent first before releasing your music. My advice to you would be to go ahead and make the song, and when its done, try and get the original owner to listen to it and then perhaps you can get a green light.

  • @pupsikboi that is not sampling, that is ripping off, to sample something you need to take a small looped section of the song, like a main riff or hook, if you use anymore than that you risk copyright infringement and thats no effin good xD, allot of the time, they wont really care unless your going to be making money off of the track your putting out.

  • @EmptySun Yes I forgot to mention that detail. It has to be no more than a few seconds to be considered sampling. If its the entire length of the song, that is just stealing..

  • @ShaphynaNacqiar even covers must be given the go ahead from the record label. Find a way to contact them and ask them if it is ok to use their material. I wouldnt want to take any chances with this.

  • @TIZOMusic Yes. To upload your song is free. However, when you are ready to “sell” your song, that will cost you money to do.

  • @pupsikboi Thanks, do you know how to get your music on itunes and if/how much it costs to upload it
    Thankyou 🙂

  • @DOCTORWHOMAGICMOVIES Although from another country, songs owned by other artists from a different country require conset prior to selling. If allowed, the songs may be uploaded via Tunecore’s website. From there you can choose which outlets to sell through. iTunes Amazon etc.

  • What country do i have to be in where Large cups of coffee are equivelent to currency? I have new plans for a vacation to coffeeville!

  • @pupsikboi I’m not sure I understand. I’m asking if I need to pay every year in order for my music to stay on iTunes. Is that true?

  • @pupsikboi what happens if I uploaded a song that’s not originally mine, like if I covered a song from a famous artist and I wanted to put it on itunes?

  • I am an anonymous composer who is singing her songs…may I sell them? they are registered in Sacven ..I do not want to be a singer…i just want others to sing them or do I need professional singers and videos?

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