Demos of HTML5 and Flash on Mobile Devices

Demos of websites and mobile apps created in HTML and Flash. In this demonstration I show how HTML5 websites, HTML5 apps, HTML5 animations and HTML5 video perform on the iPad(1) and an Asus EEE Pad Transformer. Also, I show how the Eee Pad performs with Flash. The results may surprise you. My conclusion is that HTML5 is only really usable on a tablet if it has been optimized for mobile and uses touchevents and gestures. Most HTML5 websites and apps do not have mobile oriented interaction at this point, and often render very slow. Flash plays surprisingly well… except for video. Flash based websites, Flash animations, and Flash games that use normal “click” interaction perform quite well on the EEE Pad, and often offer a much more robust experience than any of the HTML5 websites that I have found. If you have comments or know of HTML5 websites (with rich experiences… not just basic content) that perform well on mobile… post them! Presented by Jonathan Ross, Instructor.

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  • Too bad Adobe doesn’t update flash for mobile devices anymore (except for the for ICS support update). Html5 is deffenetly not able to give the same interaction that flash has across platforms.

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