• @C3L3B3R What are you expecting, exactly? What people refer to as HTML5 is essentialy a combination of Javascript APIs, CSS and HTML and you’re going to need all of them.

  • @MelvinSF well, when I search for “HTML5” YouTube, I don’t wanna learn about pseudo-classes. HTML5 canvas with JS and perhaps CSS is an example of what someone might expect.

  • Call it what you want to call it. This falls under the HTML5 umbrella so if you don’t like it, find another video… thanks for the tutorials Bucky, you’re doing a great job.

  • @C3L3B3R I mean WTF. Are you one of the retarded trolls?
    “perhaps CSS is an example of what someone might expect.”

    pseudo-classes are CSS. For you information they are introduced in the third revision, and without CSS3 you can do exactly nothing in HTML5, since all the styling tags were taken out. No Align param, no font tag… So CSS3 is really part of HTML5 since people would like to make websites not with white background and black text.

  • @Tuskone89 Pseudo-classes weren’t introduced in the third revision of css, you have the :active, :link, :hover, pseudo-classes in css2. And he’s right, HTML5 is intended to focus much more on JS than in CSS. That is the biggest change on HTML5, the canvas, the svg, the sockets. The biggest changes on CSS are the animations, that can be processed much faster than in JS. So far i didn’t see much information about that… Maybe i’m searching in the wrong places…

  • Why not just set style for “Sally” which overwrites the color set by *? While the amount of styles increases, it would be harder to maintain the style if we need to keep adding “not:***”.

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