Protests Against Online Shopping Site Taobao

For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ In Zhejiang Province, hundreds of Chinese merchants are protesting against the largest online shopping website, Taobao. The site is similar to eBay, and sellers have to buy annual membership to sell their goods. But according to protestors, the latest annual fee has jumped by 10 times. Hundreds of sellers from China’s largest online shopping website, Taobao, protest outside the firm’s Hangzhou offices on Wednesday. They’re calling for the abolition of the website’s feedback system and a large hike in annual fees. Many protesters wear facemasks to conceal their identity, while others put stickers that said “endurance” on their clothes. One man says he can’t afford the website’s new annual membership fee for merchants. [no titlebar, unidentified protestor]: “They are too tyrannical. They say whatever they like and never care about how we feel. They increase the fee whenever they like. Last year the fee was 00 US dollars before they raised the price, and we could still support them. But now they suddenly raised it by ten times to 000 US dollars. Even if we sell blood, we won’t be able to afford it.” Taobao said in an online post the demand to abolish the feedback system will lead to the “destruction” of China’s e-commerce industry. They say the feedback system allows buyers to provide feedback on products and services purchased online.


  • if you cant’ afford it leave it, nobody put a gun in your head to purchase a subscription to the site !!
    here is a better idea, make your own site and fight them in their own domain, a little competition will do some harm if you will !!

  • @abbottone, unemployment is over 20% and rising.
    how about you get a proper grip on the real situation and then venture an opinion?

  • If a large number of sellers leave the subscription, there will be a greater chance that Taobao will lower their fee. Money talks, and bs walks. There has got to be a better way than this protest. Protest with your money and that is the beauty of true capitalism.

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