Why You as an Artist Should Sell Your Own Music Independently

cdbaby.com youtube.com Thanks for watching. This Video gives great insight on why musicians and artists should be selling their own music independently. Lil’ D of Blockkingz EntertainmentRead these published articles from Lil’ D of Blockkingz Entertainment by simply clicking on the link to the right of each title. If the links will not click, simply copy and paste them into your browser. Feel free to tweet these articles. Thanks on the support. Lil’ D of Blockkingz Entertainment Cds are available here click now: Cdbaby.com What You Tube can Do For New Artists— bit.ly How a Music Artist Should Use a Cell Phone—bit.ly Where to Find Inspiration For New Songs—bit.ly How to Raise Money to Fund Your Cd or Album—bit.ly The Best Ways to Grab the Attention of Record Labels—bit.ly Why We Choose Internet Radio over Traditional Radio—bit.ly Five Reasons to Have a Home Studio—bit.ly Top 4 Places to Find Recording Equipment for your Studio—bit.ly Surefire Rituals to Get You Writing—bit.ly Just Do You—bit.ly Don’t Call Your Music “Yours” Label it a “Brand”—bit.ly Three Tips for Better Lyric Writing—bit.ly Exciting Method Using Video to Promote Your Music—bit.ly 5 Reasons We Become Obsessed With Music Artists—bit.ly Outcomes of Reaching Your Goals—bit.ly Seven Expert Reasons To Start a Record Label—bit.ly Maximize Your Opportunities as a Recording Artist—bit.ly Music Artists Have Power over Us—bit.ly


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