• all this guy is doing is realising bullshit videos about making money knowing the masses wil arrive with the intention to become a youtube partner after failing to make money on ebay

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  • @Lilart1981

    You need Microsoft word, and you need a PDF converter.

    pdfonline . com is a good free converter.

  • @Lilart1981

    No prob bro and also you need adobe photoshop to make eBook covers. I am writing an eBook also, what is yours about?

  • @BlackMasterJoe89 I’m trying to do a couple books about “Fuck the Government” “Social mishaps” “Relationships” “Astrology” but i wanna do them all little by little of course!

    Thank you so much for the info…

  • if u make so much money why do u have to upload a dumb ass video on youtube to earn some extra cash lmao .. get a life

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  • @Lilart1981

    Also if you want, you can just use Open Office, which is basically Word and a PDF converter in the same program and best of all it’s free! Good luck on you books bro! Like the fuck the govenment one lol.

  • @LaStudioSeven yeah kinda have to agree with this guy, if your selling so many then why arnt you too busy sorting out customers orders to make a youtube video? sounds fishy to me…

    plus anyone planning to do this MAKE SURE the books your selling have resell rights, if they dont your breaking the law, and ebay are slowly catching up on people these days breaking the rules of reselling

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