• I have been developing websites for about 4-5 years and never found the reason to use flexible box model, also this is not html5 related videos, these are webkit/css3 tutorials.

    html5 is canvis, video and audio tags, dynamic tags and anything related to actual html, css3 is the box model and text/box shadows, sudo selectors and much more layout features.

    In my opinion this is educating html5 and css3 wrong.

  • @SuperJammed Nope, in fact that is false! Both FireFox and Opera support webkit based sites, well ok granted there are some things not supported but around 80-90 percent of webkit things are. However, IE (the worst of all browsers…in my opinion) barely supports any webkit based sites.

  • @Cezarijus You have never used it? How do you format your sites then (align things and such)? This is a serious question I just want to know your preferred method, I am not asking in order to offend you.

  • @numra25 I don’t want to come off as mean but… Internet explorer is the worst web browser currently available. It supports virtually no HTML5 or webkit based sites.

  • @thenewboston Hey Bucky I was wondering if instead of typing

    (lesser than)div id=”kid1″(greater than)
    (lesser than)/div(greater than)

    you could simply type
    (lesser than)kid1(greater than)
    (lesser than)/kid1(greater than)

    I have done it many times before with no problem, but is there a reason for why you shouldn’t use it? Or is is solely preference? Thanks

  • @studioslime I use a combination on width, float, and display, its hard to explain in a comment but if you follow any css layout tutorial it will explain everything how to layout the website how ever you want it and will work for all the browser and even legacy ie6.

  • @studioslime I’ve always used ie but this year i started using firefox. i’m just wondering because i’ve heard of webkit before but don’t know much about it..

  • @numra25 Well honestly I don’t “know” what webkit is either. (I do know how to use it of course though) However I do know that firefox does have a “clone” of webkit that does do some basic things. For example…
    -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease; (this is standard webkit)
    -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease; (this is mozilla FireFox “webkit”)
    -o-transition: all 0.5s ease; (this is Opera “webkit”)
    (search limestudios on Google and go to the second link. To look at my site’s code for more examples.)

  • @numra25

    Simply put -Webkit- is for Chrome and Safari. -Moz- is for firefox. -o- is for opera.  -ms- is for internet explorer.

    Go to w3schools (dot) com to find out what is compatible.

    Webkit is the company that created chrome and the safari browser.

    Mozilla is the company that created firefox browser.

    Microsoft is the company that created internet explorer.

    Opera is the company that created the opera browser.

    When you want to implement CSS3 styles you will use either these – ? –

  • @studioslime as far as i know in css prefix
    -webkit- is for Safari and chrome
    -moz- is for firefox
    -o- is for operea
    and IE is headache.
    you can’t just write your css with webkit prefix only in it and expecting it to work on firefox or opera.
    you will need to add their prefixes.

  • @studioslime webkit is the css engine that is used in webkit browsers.
    saying firefox and oprea using webkit is false because they are using different engines.
    firefox for example use gecko engine. and so their prefix is -moz-

  • @SuperJammed umm i said that they use their “clones” of webkit just in the last comment…when i responded to numra25 (i meant to say that before sorry)

  • @studioslime I don’t remember well but you can define your own tags for sure in XML but if you apply this to HTML documents wasn’t this called XHTML ? Need to check this piece of info. I also think you can do that because CSS have a mechanism to distinguish classes, ids from tags for instance.

    By the way it’s nice to be able to reverse the layout but much more interesting would be to be able to define that in a more specific way into another file (maybe in the CSS, why not). Know what I mean ?

  • I’m my Chrome is having probs rendering the Kid1-4’s background colors and borders. Reverse ordering of them works just fine. What’s the problem ?

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