SEO Training – Orange County – Denver – LA : In person SEO Training for your company SEO Training is for companies who actively manage their own websites o Q: Do you have a staff that controls your website content? o Q: Do you rely on team members who work together to keep your website humming along? • Either way SEO Training is perfect for you • You may already have one or more webmasters • You may also have someone, perhaps a team that manages their web content • OR You might even have someone doing PPC/SEM • Like anyone you care about growing your website traffic • You may even be obsessed with outranking and outperforming your competition • Many website owners live in fear — and feel they cannot make changes to their website without damaging their current rankings, and losing traffic. • If someone could remove that fear and educate you wouldn’t that help? • There are 3 simple ways to increase traffic from the search engines do you know what they are? • Training empowers your team to make decisions about website content without fear of causing damage • Training removes the mystery of SEO • SEO Training provides a clear path to success • SEO training is suitable for website developers, webmasters, designers, content writers, SEM marketers and Social Media team members • You’ll learn: o What data is important to measure o How to conduct research that will provide the necessary data to make clear decisions o Learn how to write content so that it is optimized out of the box o Webmasters and developers learn how to evaluate website

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