Qualities of a good site

Matt Cutts answers Google questions: – Does Sitemaps depend on pageviews? – What are the top things to do in SEO? – How does Google decide to use a DMOZ snippet versus the description from a meta tag? – Should I use bold or strong tags? Matt Cutts Answers: Matt Cutts


  • Thanks Matt
    This is what we have all been waiting for
    AWD Team
    Australian Website Development

  • Thank you! but is better if you use a mic and eliminate the echo of the room. (like your google channel)

  • Hi Matt,
    I recently ventured into the internet world and the SEO is absolutely confusing. I’m frequently adding quality contents to my website and my PR still show zero. Any suggestion?

  • @jeniferex PR doesn’t update often, so you might wanna wait for a few months for your PR to actually increase. While waiting it would be best if you do a little link building. Just one link at a time, as your skills improve and so is your ranking.

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