• This is wonderful, brings a tear to the eye, for the quality of the music, and for what we have lost. Thanks for posting this gem.

  • I go every time I hear thisone,it cuts deep,one of my Blub like a girl songs.Utter beautiful perfection.
    I’ll confess to- I Used To Know You by Johnathan Kelly and Percy The Penguin by Stackridge as my other blub songs..Yes ‘Im an old freaky softie, but what the hell,good music is good musc.

  • i’m a carpenter, i have a beard, im a surfer and surf when theres ice on the ground, i cut wood in my spare time, and consider my self a man. and right now, watching john, hearing him, i’m reduced to tears. rip my man, wish i could have met you.

  • @niallvan She is relevant!!! As a comparison. She’s a total pain in the ass, whereas the music of JM is quality..

  • @MrMarko890 Because of your pointless nitpicking of a piece of advice I gave two years ago, I had a look at the site again and found out that John’s final album was completed and released a short while back. Thanks 🙂

  • Actually, this vid cannot be played in my country (Netherlands). I might just hit the ‘dislike’ button too, if only to give those old fashioned record companies a warning. Nah, I know it won’t help. Still, it sucks!

  • Nothing will ever come close to the genius and the soulful music of the great John Martyn. It saddens me everyday I think that he is no longer with us, but he left beautiful music for us to live our life by, and for that we can be eternally happy. I love you John, and I miss you.

  • @puckduim Can you not copy and paste the link into keepvid [dot] com? That’ll save it to your computer as flv or mp4 etc. Hopefully ye can view it then

  • That missed note at the start sounds awesome. John Martyn was one of a kind His music was always the first thing I thought of when I was feeling hurt or downhearted taking comfort in the knowledge that someone knew how I felt. He was one of the deepest musicians ever.

  • @niallvan
    hey don’t knock our lady ga ga ooh lah lah.
    i was lucky to see jm 3 times in my life,it’s all music… well except for michael jackson that is.

  • Is this the video of the version on BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert? (With the black and white photo on the cover) It sounds very similar.

  • John always seemed a little embarrassed by his talent – I can’t think of many artists whose between-song persona was so far removed from the gentleness and intense beauty of his performance. Check out his self-conscious looning right at the end of this clip – it’s almost as if he’s saying it’s all a send-up.

  • Ah yes, back in the days when people actually went to the trouble of miking up acoustic guitars instead of just plugging them into the desk along with that farty electro-acoustic sound. JM’s guitar always sounded natural, this is great.

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