review: cct-fashion whole sale online store

this vid is about my personal experience with cct-fashion… and it’s not just only based on this blouse… the website is: i also mentioned yesstyle in this vid, maybe i’ll also do a review about them some time 🙂 feel free to rate, comment, ask questions and/or subscribe… thanxxx for watching and have a nice day… bye!~ much love, ljenmf btw i meant xs in stead of sx 😡 hehe :p


  • Hi, thanks for putting this video happens to me as I pass I do not keep separate clothing and not the same as in the photo I love the clothes Japanese, Chinese or Asian, why not join us and sent letters asking you to please put more attention on it or simply to change the model or the measures that are more fleccibles since sold all over the world if you support me? by fis that I do wish to buy thanks and kisses bye.

  • @OomisslanoO it’s mostly xs and s, depending on the design… if it’s loose, it might fit m too… they also sell xl pieces… not sure how those will fit, never ordered their xl items…

  • I have the Same Blouse, I thought it would fit me, but I was wrong, it’s too Small for me. I regret that i’ve bought that Top. Even though it’s pretty and it looked big on the model, but I didn’t fit me. Sucks!

  • @MayaCherry86 yea, it’s tight on the chest area, but it will look cute too without buttoning the blouse to the top… or leave it open ^^

  • Very bad company. All employees are liars. Should put them in jail. I call on the government in China to close the company immediately

  • On the website it says that you need to buy 2 pieces of each design, but I don’t understand… Is the design like: “dress” or like that specific dress (for example)?

  • @MayaCherry86 … i have too this blouse, but i have only problem (my size is x – xs) This blouse is smaller at the top of the bust and it’s not so white (it’s like more creamy)… But it’s ok, I really like it !

  • @TanjaTricks you have to purchase 2 of the same specific dress… but you can choose different colors and/or sizes… great for when you’re ordering together with friends…

  • @NYfrm I really love this Blouse, so I Sew another piece on the sides to make it abit bigger with laces…so It fits me fine now…don’t want to waste a Beautiful Blouse that travels all the way from China..cause I live in the US.

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