Free Dreamweaver Course – Shopping Cart Lesson 12

In this tutorial we are going to go over the basics about are shopping cart. I use Fat Free Shopping Cart because it is one of the most easiest around. Fat Free Shopping Cart is very similar to Paypal Shopping Cart code. You dont need to know any PHP or web programming. Just follow along in this tutorial and you will find out how to set up certain information. Using this shopping cart allows customers to experience a beautiful look and stay on your website


  • wow! this was a complete waste of time. You did all this lame work and then it still took you to a separate page that looked nothing like your site, grade f mate.

  • I tried copy the whole code to a “test.html” file. when I test it without java script, it said missing values. When I tried it javascript, it seemed nothing can be added into d shopping cart. Can 1stoptutorials tell where I did wrong thx…….

  • Hi i m having a problem with shopping cart!I would say that it hasn;t a memory and i’ll explain what i mean by that! When you choose something to add to the cart it works but when you tick the option continue shopping and then again add something else to the cart the the item before that it’s been disappeared! Can anybody help me plzzz???

  • I havee been asked whether I could set up a simple website for a small local shop, so have revisited your excellent series of video tutorials. This FatFree system looks good and quite easy to use, but ..

    Is it possible to automatically determine a shipping charge, for UK only based on a simple formula, say …

    Value of goods up to £50 goods, add £5 delivery

    £50.01 – £100, add £2.50

    over £100, free delivery

  • when i get the shopping cart all done and i go to add items to cart they dont stay in cart and i cant figure out y even after watching all shopping cart videos multiple times

  • Hello, please can you try and help me out. I am using the latest version of iWeb and everything about the shopping cart works absolutely fine on my website except for one thing.

    When I go to change the currency from $ to £ it stays in $. I have changed the HTML code in the right place I believe but, it either says that the page doesn’t work when you go to pay via paypal. If the page works then the currency is $.

    Do you know whether there is anything I can do?


  • Thank you so much, today is the first time i look into shopping cart… And you just made it FUN for me. thank you again 🙂

  • quick question…. how will you know if you sold something? do you receive an e-mail or do you have to keep looking at your paypal account

  • Hi Ali Baba ! Can you tell me that is the code for a “space” please ? I’m trying to align an image in a certain place but Dreamweaver only lets me to align it to the left,right or center, not anywhere in between. Is adding spaces using codes the only possible way to do this ?

  • Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

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  • Thanks for the videos, I was able to create a reasonable site using your step by step guidance. However, when I embedd the shopping cart code in the page, following happens: a) The Qty is white in color b) Remove is not selected, c) If I continue shopping, old purchase is lost. Please advice where I might be wrong. Using Dreamweaver 5.5 and CSS styles.

  • Hi, great video! I have two questions :
    Do you know how to remove the googlecheckout from VIEWCART?
    I have multiple items in the same page, and I created different buttons for each, but problem is : if I put them inside the same form box, all buttons put the same item, regarding of being different buttons on the page. OR, like I did, placed each button in a different form, it works correclty, BUT the shipping cost are not combined, means I add item A, and later item B, the shipping is duplicated

  • can u pls help me i have picked buy and sell accound on paypal i wnat to know if i only buy stuff online with that accound do i get monthly fees from paypal? or is it all 100% free if i only buy stuff online throw paypal??? thank you

  • and i wnat to know how to chnag my accound to personal i cant find a page to let me chnag back to personal like it did that begging of creating my paypal accound?? thank you

  • Hi, when i click on the paypal button i get this error message

    “Cart Error: 386025396f74ba56b55bf22ec1df2b99 Validation Failed”

    Why is this????

  • Also, when i use the second part of the checkout process (making a pop out window sort of thing) and i go back to continue shopping, my cart resets itself.

    What can i do?????

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