DIY Fashion: How to make Crochet Lace Shorts

♥ Please read me! ♥ Visit my online fashion boutique: & my boyfriend’s online store Hey loves, Today I decided to do a DIY video! I know you guys love DIY videos and I love watching them too so I really hope you like this one I’m going to be making some crochet lace tiered shorts, I’ve seen these so much lately and I am IN LOVE with them! so I decided to make a pair of my own…my mom saw me attempting to make it, and she kinda took over LOL, so credits to my wonderful mama for helping me make these shorts and teaching me (and you guys) along the way! We both decided on the design together and she sewed the lace onto the shorts. I’m not going to tell you guys this is easy, because its not! But it can be done, and its time consuming. This took probably like a couple hours.. if you guys have fabric glue, I recommend gluing the lace onto the shorts first (this makes it SO much easier) and then later sewing on top of the glued lace to add security. In this video, we didn’t use any fabric glue or anything, just the sewing machine, hehe. Also, just a tip, if you guys are going to try to look for shorts with a side zipper at a thrift store, in my experience, its kind of impossible! But tons of dress pants usually have side zippers, so if you dont have luck finding shorts w/side zippers go look at some pants, and then cut it into shorts like I did 🙂 Alrighty loves, hope you enjoy this video and hope it helps you out


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