Unlocked iPhone 4S now available, mobile Flash is dead, Siri on a 3GS, and more!

This Week on TiP (Nov 6-12): Apple is now selling the iPhone 4S unlocked through its US online store, Adobe announced that it will kill off mobile Flash in favor of HTML5, Siri was successfully ported to an iPhone 3GS, and more! – iPhone 5 prototype seen & held: tinyurl.com – Unlocked iPhone 4S now available: tinyurl.com – iOS 5.0.1 out now: tinyurl.com – Poor battery life persists after iOS 5 update: tinyurl.com – Apple aware of further battery issues: tinyurl.com – How to improve battery life on 4S: tinyurl.com – Improve battery life 2: tinyurl.com – Mobile Flash is dead: tinyurl.com – Enable panoramic camera mode: tinyurl.com – Siri on a 3GS: tinyurl.com – Apple confirms Siri is 4S-only: tinyurl.com – iPhone 4S modified proximity sensor: tinyurl.com – Follow me on Twitter: tinyurl.com – TiP on Google+: tinyurl.com – Like Today’s iPhone on Facebook! facebook.com


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