#1 Mistake for Startup E-Commerce Web Sites

How to avoid the most common entrepreneur mistake online today? In this video Scott Fox reveals the #1 mistake most common for online entrepreneurs: To make money online today with an online web site store you need to shift from 20th century product supply focus to finding demand first. With an audience of your own you can make money selling ads, products, or services from a web site, but investing in products alone will just waste your time and money. More at www.ScottFox.com and http


  • Scott, Thank-you, because now I am focusing on DEMAND!!!!! I was thinking the I have to have a Boutique and get all these cute Products in my store. That’s because I had NO clue. I do now. I just figured out that what I do have is in Demand. It was right under my nose all along. Didn’t realize it until you said the words.

  • scott i think you wrong they are demand for any product . the harder parts how to

    sell to be number one . to give real value . someone went your product .fast you

    will have customer service . for sure price is also factor .is the marketing demand the are for everything .

    went to sell make money . no risk .
    meir-website. net /sell-used-parts-usa. htm 60 website

  • Where there is demand on the internet, there is usually a huge amount of competition which can make it just as hard as selling low demand products. Finding in demand products is a obvious part of the whole equation but not the only answer nor is it any secret.

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