How To Create A Website With Joomla Above is the link I mentioned in the video, it’s the link to the next tutorial to help you get your Joomla website. If you want to go to the page for this tutorial video I will post that link just below, This video tutorial will introduce you to creating a website using Joomla, Joomla is a content management system and makes creating a website so easy. I highly recommend using Joomla to create your website unless of course you want to make a blog, in that case I would recommend WordPress. Joomla is very capable and can run pretty much any size website, you can use Joomla to run a 4 page website or even up to a few hundred pages quite easily.


  • Thanks for posting the information. How do you upload rocket theme template into joomla template manager?

  • @fit4sport Uploading Rockettheme templates is really easy all you need to do is download the bundle template file from them (the one that has gantry bundled with it) and install it like any other extensions. Each template will have multiple files/packages you can download. If you have any other issues or questions please contact me through my website as I will be able to reply much quicker and in more depth. I check my email constantly but only check my YouTube inbox every few days.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! Very informative and simple to understand.  I’ll be checking out your other videos too.

  • ‘it’s ok you can relax, my kidneys are fine.’ ><

    dude you mumbled your favorite host both time you said it. hostcave? hostcancer? what is it?

  • @paperboy438 My favorite website host is Hostgator, sorry if it was hard to understand in the video.

  • @SocialConsciousness Thanks. If you are referring to the quality of the video it is actually available in 720p which is pretty high quality. Plus if you make it full screen (at 720p setting) it should be very clear and easy to see. 

  • Easily the best Joomla video on youtube. I could never get to start up my joomla website but now i did because of your vid. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  • @jack2ky Joomla doesn’t handle the emails for your website but the web hosting account you buy to install Joomla on will. For example say you sign up with Hostgator (who I recommend) then you simply create your own email address through cPanel, if you check my other videos I have a tutorial for creating email accounts with cPanel.

  • @WMVideos20 Joomla itself is 100% free however you need a website hosting account to install joomla onto. Hosting has gotten cheap though at only about $8 a month for a month to month account with Hostgator. down to under $4 a month if you pay for a year or so in advance.

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