Keyword Research | Google Adwords Keyword Tool | 2010 Keyword research performed with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Includes info on how to use the interface properly. Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Keyword Research Tutorial 2010 How to use the Google Keyword Tool. Details the advanced functions of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool so you can get the most of this best of breed Keyword Tool. Keyword research looks at the particular words and phrases users enter to search for solutions to problem, products and services … this research for keywords related to your interest will also include the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on investment. Ultimately we want to find the phrases that have the best combination of: • Demand — higher is better • Competition — lower is better • A clear intention tightly related to your market or potential solution This includes researching the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase or it’s derivatives (plurals, etc) is searched for and the competitiveness of it. These best keywords, or search terms are targeted for a website’s search engine rankings. During this process you will record and analyze your results. Why it’s important to your business: • You can find the problem within your broad interest areas • You can analyze these problems to learn what trends of problem exist • Determine if your discovered problems indicate potential niche markets • The ability to build a website on what people truly are looking for from the ground on up Good


  • Great video-
    It seems like you recorded this video about a year ago but is there any way you could do a tutorial on finding keywords for small micro niches (relatively steady traffic but low in numbers) thanks!

  • @TheGJuleS Yes I could do that. Have you gone to my site and checked my keyword guide?
    Click the link in my description to read it.
    It covers a lot of ground.

    Yes I can do a video for you.
    Can you maybe first draft me a list of questions you have about this task?
    Anything you can think of is just fine.
    It will help me to make the video cover the parts you want in more detail.
    Shoot me a list and I will craft something up for you!

  • hi,
    i got an idea what is keyword search as i am only 1 day old in this subject and is very serious in internet research and SEO search as i wish to make this my source of life. if you can suggest me other links that i can learn about this in depth i appreciate it. Thank you

  • @666saandy The best thing is practice this research. I would take 3-5 subjects and explore the keywords for them. If you look at my channel you will see another video called organizing your data, that video will help you make sense of your keyword data. It is a “must step”. I assume you went to my site for the super long keyword research guide that I have on there.

    Sorry but what is it that you want to learn more about?
    Can you be more specific?

  • It’s very very informative video. Really, solved my problems concerning google keywords tool. Thanks!
    waiting for more videos 🙂

  • It’s very very informative video. Really, solved my problems concerning google keywords tool. Thanks!
    waiting for more videos 🙂

  • @Nexus54IncUAE Your most welcome! I am glad to hear that this video helped you out. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Interesting. I agree about the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, that it is a more accurent tool rather then other sources of keyword tracking. Since google is more precise in their keyword statistic listing.

  • @Jazzy4lyf Google is the only keyword tool that could even be accurate since most keyword tools are not search engines and don’t have the kind of access to user behaviour that google has. Be sure you understand the differences between the match type of (broad, modified broad, phrase and exact). Knowing these match is the key to really dissecting this data effectively. Thanks for dropping by!

  • @TerrapinMarketing

    I agree with you on there 100%. I also think that other keyword tools aren’t as accurent, as Google is with the Google Keyword Tool. That is true, since Google’s search engine created the Google Adwords Tool. Yes, I have an better understanding now, that the phrase is a good way to find the main keyword behind or on the back of the phrase.

  • @TerrapinMarketing

    Which I believe is one of the best choices, as the search engines filter out the main keyword in example the meta tag keyword, if it is in the front, when there is an increasing amount of keyword competition for it. That is why, I have seen many websites rank high by putting the main keyword in the second or third position in the long tailed keywords. Your video was really helpful! Thank you for the informative video an reply.

  • This is the most informative video that I’ve ever seen as it relates to Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. Thank you for video @TerrapinMarketing I’m looking forward to new uploads from you.

  • @ProProducerJC Thanks for saying that. I will need to redo this video as the interface has changed yet again.
    Your kind words is what keeps me motivated to do these videos. I get no money from this and I have no pitch! So thanks again for the motivation to do more!!!

  • @johnpaulhoughton Thanks for dropping by and the kind words. If you need help with your keyword research, let me know and happy trails to you.

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