• Hi, at 1:40, when you opened a new window of the enlarged image I noticed that you can scroll down to see the bottom of pic. In my website I cannot scroll down… is there a configuration option that enables scrolling? Cheers

  • They all have limitations, you need to understand the problems these carts have. What is your budget to open the ecommerce site?

  • Hi, in my case enlarged images are opened in another new seperate window so obviously scrolling down the main window wouldn’t show me the bottom of pic (as in your case). Am thinking maybe you configured your website to enlarge images on SAME main page? thanks for replying

  • thank you for the helpful posting.
    The first exmaple (office furniture) is that askin/template and if so where cld i download?
    Or was it totally cusomised within the zencart admin setup?
    Thanks in advance.

  • thank you for the helpful posting.
    The first example (office furniture) is that a skin/template, and if so where could I download?
    Or was it totally customised within the zencart admin set-up?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @imnolte I’m not sure how the site was put together as I did not build the site I just used it as an example as to what is possible. Why not go to Google and type in the search dream templates, you should find a template there. Also, I’d suggest that you watch my other videos on optimizing your zen cart store.

  • can u plz help wat the hell is this ???

    [select * from zen_project_version WHERE project_version_key = ‘Zen-Cart Database’ ]
    If you were entering information, press the BACK button in your browser and re-check the information you had entered to be sure you left no blank fields.

  • Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials.

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