SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Tutorial

This tutorial from covers configuration preferences and settings for the SEO Ultimate WordPress All-In-One SEO Plugin Developed by SEO Design Solutions. This plugin allows you to leverage the “Pure On Page Power” of Search Engine Optimization from an easy-to-use dashboard within your WordPress settings.


  • Thanks for the plugin! The video is a great overview. Do you plan to update the video with the new features and WP 3.0 integration soon?

  • I installed this plugin, enabled it, typed keywords, description, but when I view the source of my website there is not any kewords and description. What is the problem? I’m using WP 3.0.1 and SEO Ultimate Version 4.5.3


  • Great job guys! I just recently put the plug-in on one of my sites and it works fine. I am no technical wizard by any stretch of the imagination, and I will be figuring out the functionality aspect for sometime to come, of this I am sure! However, with that being said, I take my hat off to you for a great job. I just downloaded your ebook on 20 SEO tips also!  Thanks guys,I will be talking to you. David

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