Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

The Chrysler 200 has arrived. Imported from Detroit.


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  • Америкосы а вы молодца умеете Вещи делать. Но мы вас догоним … и перегоним )

  • It’s not made in Detroit it’s made in Sterling Heights Michigan but close enough my dad works there it’s one of the most American made cars

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  • @mleesrol

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  • Most watched video ads of the year (eliminating music videos and trailers):
    1. VW – The Force
    2. T-Mobile – Royal Wedding
    3. Chrysler – Imported From Detroit

  • Chrysler 200
    20 CITY & 31 HWY MPG (new car) and no additional electric engine. Good maybe in 2004 but in 2012 that is piece of crap from Detroit and from beginning…

  • @BrianMChampion Detroit is a city that got screwed bad by politics. I see the Silicon Valley (where I live) going the same way Detroit did because of the government. The smartest and most innovative people in the world work here but the government (especially the state government) is imposing huge sanctions and policies that goes against business. Soon, most companies will move because they are being limited and taxed too much.

  • @NCidiots I visited there. They are really racist there and behind the times. The panthers have how many championships? they can’t touch the 49ers.

  • @gcastro44 cam newton runs train on the niners. And they might be racist out in the east part of NC, but the 2010 censes of Charlotte says there are more black people that white people. There isn’t much racism in the inner-city. And in a couple of years the panthers will be good, they just need time to grow.

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