• I had trouble cutting in the corners of my bathroom paint job last night and should have´╗┐ watched this first. The part about not starting in the corners is really important. ­čśë

  • Thanks Good Handyman! Best video with painting tips out there! Finally! Actually shows all the important details to achieve best results for DIY painting. If I had a choice I’d rather go with a´╗┐ pro-decorator anyway though. Thanks again…

  • Im a proffesional painter and although this´╗┐ guy cares about being careful he is displaying all the wrong products and techniches making the process way longer than it should be.

  • @28beerdrinker I’m currently thinking about painting my Kitchen,´╗┐ what exactly is it that he did wrong, and do you have suggestions for videos on youtube I can watch than can assist me in doing it write?

  • @YvorieVasquez Ok. So, this guy really didn’t to too bad of job, however its not a good idea to use one of those flimsy black trays he was using because you’ll drip paint, refill it too often, and have to constantly hold it up. Its best to use an “18 inch roller with an “18 inch roller bin that’ll have a handle for you; also using big “18 rollers reduce lines on the wall, even though bathrooms/kitchens have less surface area and you´╗┐ can get away with a “9 roller like he did.

  • @YvorieVasquez Also, in any room its´╗┐ best to cut out the entire room first, which should only take say an hour tops for a bathroom considering behind toilet/around sink etc.. So, cut the whole room out first, use tape if you don’t think you can cut up to the edge. Disregard how he said to cut because your gonna roll right up to the edges anyways! Then immediately go over the wall gently after application to get the surface smoothed up. Do a 2nd coat when the 1st coat is dry to the touch. ­čśë

  • This is the worst instructional video on how to paint like a pro. Take it from me, A PRO!! Also, some of the´╗┐ comments down below are not correct in the proper way to paint. Cutting in the entire room all at once is absolutely and positively wrong. When you cut the whole room in and go back to roll you are rolling into dry cut lines and will get what is known as flashing if you are using a paint with any type of sheen.

  • lol professional fckup if you ask me, by the time you figure out how to hold your brush the room is allready painted , what a dick jeez even the tape looks like my 2 year old son applied it … you dont know your ass from your head you are a disgrace to everyone who knows ANYTHING about painting and wait hold one did you say´╗┐ that the first coat is all about working quickly ????

  • This very poor rolling technique will lead to very poor coverage. Learn how to paint properly before trying to teach others your´╗┐ bad methods. ,

  • lmao oh man i love reading negative comments on youtube. it shows that this site is jus full of assholes, pansies and dicks. I mean sure he may have not did a bad job (i wouldnt know cuz im not a “PRO” but it wassss´╗┐ only half a bathroom wall 1st off, it was recorded and not seen by the naked eye so im sure in person its just fine, and 3rd its a 7minute vid on painting, as in getting started dumbasses.)

  • @YvorieVasquez actually he did´╗┐ nothing wrong .i know for a fact painters always compete as who is the better painter.experience will always overcome.hes doing it slow to show his way of doing it.i paint for 20yrs now and can tell you he’s doing ok

  • oh no you didn’t. did u just say to paint in a ‘v fashion’? any professional knows that its the´╗┐ dumbest and least efficient way to paint. you will be doing this for hours. i suggest everyone NOT use this video as a good source of how to paint.

  • @tristan1982able I’ve seen ur comments in other videos.U like being negative and nasty? If u are so informed why r u´╗┐ watching how to videos?He is painting trying 2 think of what 2 say while being taped.In the end it doesn’t matter what techinque u used if u & the customer is happy,all is well.Honestly,being a painter(while honorable)is not a high IQ job.No 1 can take u seriously. If u can’t conduct yourself as an adult & communicate properly here u won’t bea tenth as good as this guy on camera.

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