Tutorial: How to do UV Gel Nails at home

Hey loves, This is a much requested video! How to do UV gel nails at home!! 😀 I’ll be attempting to show you guys how I do UV gel nails by myself at home. I am sorry sometimes my hand goes out of the camera range, I will really try to not do that if I make a future gel nails tutorial! :[ I am definitely not a professional and I am in no way trying to tell you this is the right way to do your nails- just sharing with you guys My way of doing it. Gel nails are really time consuming but in my opinion really fun to do and worth my time :] -This design will be the nails you saw in my graduation/prom video – pink/lavender gradient glitter with lots of mixed swarovski bling on it! Check out my online store!! glamboutique.weebly.com Thank you so much for watching, and Enjoy!! Products Used You can find most if not all of these items on ebay 🙂 – Clear nail tips (only covers half the nail) – 100/180 grit nail file – Towel /Paper towel to keep your area clean – 36 watt UV lamp (this is from gel-nails.com) – Base Gel (this is from gel-nails.com) – Clear overlay gel (this is from gel-nails.com) – Lavender glitter overlay gel (you can find this on ebay) – 16ss(or 20ss i dont quite remember ) & 9ss swarovski rhinestones in clear AB – hot pink metal roses – nail brush – clear finishing gel – 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe off your nails when you are all done xoxo


  • @sexiisamii22 thanks! hmm it might, unless the design is imprinted on the whole nail. I would take take one of the tips and try filing it and see if the design is still there before you put it on all your nails 🙂

  • @sexiisamii22 if you don’t think you need to file then you don’t, you can do it your way too! 🙂 Its totally your own preference and I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

  • what size of crystals do u have on your pinky nail in the last picture at the biginning? do you sell these crystals alone?

  • @BellaaBambina they could last up to a month or so if you’re good with your nails, but I was bad and chipped at them so they lasted me about 1-2weeks 🙂

  • @aiaiNkiki Do you still do gel nails? Now thats its been a year since you bought this stuff, would you say you use it often and they’re worth investing in, or would you stick to natural nails? Honest advice pls 🙂 I’m contemplating whether to stick to natural or buy a gel nail system.

  • @BellaaBambina honestly, I only do gel nails for special occasions. I don’t wear them often, but I would say they are definitely great for those special occasions such as my birthday, or anniversary when I want to look glam. For me, doing nails is my hobby, so I invest in it because I enjoy doing it and its fun to me. But if you’re looking for something more practical that you could wear everyday, I’d probably stick to natural nails. So it depends on what youre looking for 🙂

  • can you paint gel nails? it sounds soo stupid but i only wear acrylics and i know that you can paint them but i choose not too 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you so sooo much for this tutorial! I can’t beleive it, my mum just told me she bought me a UV gel lamp for my christmas present, and its the EXACT SAME ONE as yours! I’m so happy to be able to follow a tutorial when my lamp arrives that uses the same lamp so I can follow and know that your instructions will work with what ive got! ~ <3

  • @TheBeauty4teens Yes, you can paint gel nails but you will need to add a top coat to seal your designs/polish, which will be less glossy/shiny than the original gel top coat. You can paint on a nail art design with nail polish and then if you have a uv lamp at home, you can add the clear uv gel topcoat over your painted design to put back the lovely glossy shine of gel. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Great video, i just would like it if you would give me the name of the song playing in the background? Thank you.<33

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