Set up your own online store in Minutes! – Part 2

Steps: 1.Go to and download the latest wordpress version. 2.Go to and make a account. 3.Make a free domain and enter your control panel. 4.Create a Mysql database to use with wordpress. 5.Go back to wordpress ZIP file and extract to desktop (or other location). 6.Open wordpress folder. 7.Rename “wordpress” folder to “shop” (Case Sensitive). 8.Access the folder and rename “wp-config-sample” to “wp-config”. 9.Open “wp-config” with notepad. 10.Change Database details to msql database made in your control panel. 11.Save File. 12.Add “shop” folder to a new Archive. 13.Go to File Manager on your control panel. 14.Open the “Public_html” folder 15.Click upload and upload archive to location using the archive alternative method (may give errors, in this case just click back arrow). 16.Type this in your browser “www.(yourdomain).com/shop/wp-admin/install.php” 17.Make website by going through wordpress setup utility. 18.Get to Dashboard. 19.Access Themes (left hand side). 20.Search for “craftycart”. 21Install Crafty Cart theme. 22.Activate when installed. 23.Go to Plugins (left hand side) 24.Install “wp-ecommerce” by Instinct Entertainment 25.Activate once installed. 26.Click link above to copy plugin files to website. 27.Tick all files and move. 28.Go to Settings – Store and adjust settings to meet your requirements. 29.Start Adding Products! 30.You Now have your online shop!

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