About Storage Unit Auctions- The LifeStyle of A Auction Hound

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  • you are not missing anything…yes…you would get alot of containers but it is super hard to move the stuff now…stuff is not selling on ebay or for not as much as it used to and nobody wants furniture ..it is a buyers market! ..it’s ruff out here!

  • I think it is regional, the guys here in Atlanta I know are selling out of stuff! It is tax season here, so that has a lot to do with it. I got a some folks who bought the book that are saying the auctions are packed and very robust.

    Ebay has not been the same since 2006 more sellers and more crap, but good stuff always moves, I got a email from a guy who is moving model trains @ $300-1500 a pop the money is out there, you just got to have what they want…which at times can be hard!

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