• This series is one of the most informative I’ve seen on the new html5 spec. It is structured especially well for newbies like me who are wondering which coding principles to apply when envisioning a project.

  • Hello! i just wanna ask coz i am really new to HTML5 and i have an assignment… i need to develop a dictionary application… i’m already finish with the design and some functions, my problem now is that how can i link the word inputted on the the textarea to google dictionary when you click the word to show what the word means… BIG BIG HELP HERE!!!!! my deadline is coming…

  • is it just me or is html5 very kindergarten? not that html4 was rocket science, but come on. and it seems to destroy a lot of specialists’ jobs, i.e. graphic designer. who needs one with html5.

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  • I need to see these tags used properly. “menu” is used for program navigation or toolbar application. The web page navigation is done proper by using the -nav- tag instead of menu. And, if this is html5 why are you making a class out of an already available tag, i.e. -article-?

  • @sprowlta If you had actually watched just a few seconds longer and listened to the tutorial you’d have realised that I was explaining the old way of doing it, versus the new way – with html5, and all of the things you are describing. See 1:36. Apology accepted.

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  • @shakaama thats a strange and narrow minded view, especially as the part that hasn’t changed is the design – the css has only gotten more detailed and powerful. surely? everyone needs one. Sorry to sound insulting but I don’t think you’ve fully grasped what html5 is – you know its just mostly reassigning of tags at the basic level? when people quote ‘oh this is done in html5’ now, usually what they mean is canvas or webgl anyhow.

  • @willgoldstone isn’t this all still very much premature? it will not be officially recognized for still some years.

    oh and don’t worry, you can’t offend me, I’m capricorn, i’d need a heart to be offended. and, as of yet, i haven’t discovered my having a heart. it’s just a matter of course, not to engender sympathy.

  • @willgoldstone oh and yes, people say “i can do all this now in html 5” like everyone says it. and on top of that, people are saying they don’t need designers, “i can do it all myself now in html5”

  • great videos really helped me get to grips with the new tags. Going to take a while to get used to not using div tags for the bulk of my formating.

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