Robot Birds: Designing Micro Air Vehicles

From his upturned palm, Ryan Carr launches then expertly flies what appears to be a remote-controlled bird. Later, the aeronautical engineer uses special equipment to examine the machine’s flight characteristics. scientist Joseph McDermott works at the Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, Ohio, with materials so tiny the width of a human hair is huge by comparison. Welcome to the world of micro air vehicles (MAVs) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Here hobby-store aircraft are helping scientists design a futuristic line of miniature flying spy vehicles. We take the technology that we have and we try to design something that does the same thing as a hummingbird or dragonfly does,” explains Carr.


  • Apropo Ufo´s in London ! Das wäre meine Vorstellung von diesen Lichtpunkten am Himmel die sich sehr schnell bewegen. Big Brother is Watching You, denn Du bist Terrorist.

  • Yeah keep on spending big bucks on the military while the US economy go’s bankrupt.
    Obviously the US government doesn’t give a shit about what happens to the people!

  • To be fair i think this is already been done, just yesterday i was followed by a bee all the way home and it wouldent leave me alone! then when i got home a bird flew in my window and just sat on top of my TV just watching me! i thought it was strange, especally as it had a JVC minicam strapped to its head! CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU!!!!

  • It’s not going to be so cool when they secretly and unconstitutionally unleash these things on the American public. These devices will propel the police state evironment ten fold.

  • The US Military is programmed & planned 4 endless wars. does anyone thinking
    of finding cure for any disease any more ? I feel very sorry for this GREAT country !

  • @FeelGood30 i live in dayton right by wright patt, think about how we feel i ccan see this little bastard perched up on a light pole giving out tickets or hovering around my window to see if i own any guns or what my family talks about during the day so they can bombard us with internet adds or shut our internet off if we say something negative about obama

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