• @HFHSECT From the administrative backend there should be a Site > Global Configuration (Site — Default WYSIWYG Editor pulldown tab). If not then you are not in the backend or you are not running Joomla 1.5.xx

  • @danscourses
    hey I tried doing what you mentioned in the video. I was not able to see the tools for fonts, Html, and pictures. Yet when I pasted the embeded code for a youtube video, it did not work for me. When I paste the code and hit save and go back again, the code disappears.

  • I have tried this and other tips from other users but I haven’t been able to embed the code. Every time I save it, it disappears.

  • I have done it, it works perfectly even auto play, but one thing, after i save and even preview on the main page it shows nicely, so afterward i go back to my Global Configuration and re-enable the Default WYSIWYG Editor, but if i go back to the article and edit something new, even 1 extra letter anywhere, it removes the video, after i save and preview, do you think u can help ??

  • I did exactly as you told me it didnt work.
    this is a very important of the website, can you please help me out on this.

  • This was the best explanation i”ve seen in hours…you helped me a lot….from now on i am watching only your videos!

  • Hang on, doesn’t do it for me. I’m using Joomla 1.7, and I followed your suggestion, by disabling the editor, however my pasted object tag disappears from the window when I save. I tried also with the iframe tag that YT gives you, same thing. The video does not appear of course. What am I doing wrong?

  • dont “dislike” guys, 1.7 is different from 1.5 but the video is still helpful. Please watch basic lessons to see how 1.5 is different from our current version. 🙂

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