4-browser HTML5 speed test deathmatch: IE9 vs. Chrome 6 vs. Firefox 4 vs. Opera

Here I go one step further, showing all four major browsers on the same screen. All four browsers are using hardware acceleration (I think; not sure about Opera), but you can clearly see Firefox and IE9 beating Opera and Chrome (by some margin!) Again, choppy video — my screen capture tool doesn’t seem to like 60 FPS at all. More at: www.downloadsquad.com


  • @nelizmastr And I’m a web developer, so I have the right to complain about these things. IE9 is certainly a huge improvement from the previous versions, but it still cannot hold a candle to other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

  • @Gawdl3y but most consumers will use IE inevitably. only a small percentage (relatively) uses 3rd party browsers.

  • I used Firefox 3.6 on my old Windows XP PC and now I’m using IE9 on my new Windows 7 PC. IE9 is my top browser now since it has both Google and Norton toolbars. It has faster downloads than Firefox browsers and takes full advantage of my Norton 360 software. IE7 was OK and I did not like IE8, but so far I’m loving IE9.

  • Firefox 4.0 is released. It’s 6times faster than the old version of firefox and it supports windows 7. 🙂 Now firefox is the best browser you can get. Go download it mozillaDOTcom

  • @banzaigtv2 have you tried using the downthemall addon for firefox? i recommend it, makes downloading much faster and easier with its “dta oneclick” feature, which allows you to set a default download folder, meaning you dont have to tell it where to save. check it out if you havent already.

  • @halohero92 Right there, thats just a lie. At 500 fish I have seen ie9 move between 57-60fps. so your opinion is just invalid. and bro, there is no option for 900 fish… so just shutup.

  • @banzaigtv2 That means something else is downloading… Not that firefox is slow. It has NOTHING to do with the browser you use. It’s physically impossible.

  • wow this Comparison slaps the author in his face. 5 frames difference chould be the difference of the smallest things within your PC and the next. seems to me that this video is more about how these Browsers are all about the same!!

  • That test is pointless it doesnt depend on what web browser is faster it all revolve’s around your Pc’s parts and performance to make the fish go faster not a Web Browser?

  • it all well and good staying firefox isn’t as good as internet explorer – lots of times I fixed people’s computers on site and since IE is so embedded in the OS – I had to download and install firefox So I could download other stuff to fix the problem- the point being – the world is a better place for having several browsers – it all about CSS standards – not speed – IE is playing CSS catchup Fact.

  • @xxdavidhaloxx

    god that comment is stupid, but if you would get a better parts and the lowest score there would double, the highest one would also double!

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